Noaa Fisheries Checks In With Lagoon Restoration



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Project Stakeholders Visit For Updates In The Progress Of Phase I

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) representatives at San Elijo Lagoon on May 23, 2018. NMFS is one of the many nationally and regionally involved stakeholders in the Reviving Your Wetlands San Elijo Lagoon Restoration.

When significant environmental projects take years of planning, it is amazing to visit the places where that work is now occurring. Earlier this week, the Conservancy welcomed 30 representatives with NOAA Fisheries Service, also known as the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). They are one of our nationally and regionally represented project stakeholders.

“It’s always great to have the opportunity to show our project stakeholders the implementation of the critical work they help create,” shared Doug Gibson, Executive Director and Principal Scientist for San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy. 

They joined Conservancy Executive Director & Principal Scientist Doug Gibson for a Reviving Your Wetlands project overview and updates.

NOAA Fisheries is an office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration within the U.S. Department of Commerce. NMFS is responsible for the stewardship of the nation’s ocean resources and their habitats. They provide vital services for the nation—including the recovery and conservation of protected resources and healthy ecosystems—all backed by sound science and an ecosystem-based approach to management.

Did you know? San Elijo Lagoon Restoration project stakeholders have been collaborating, planning, and meeting with the Conservancy since 2007—over a decade—for the improvement of tidal flow and estuarine habitat enhancements here at San Elijo Lagoon.

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