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Tatum’s Call to Protect Marine Habitats

We want to introduce you to Tatum Chek – one of our beloved Nature Heroes! During “ThankUary” (January), we celebrate Tatum and her passion for the ocean and marine conservation.

Tatum’s dedication to protecting marine life started during a family outing to Seaside State Beach. After witnessing unintentional harm to sea life at the tide pools, Tatum took action and began supporting organizations like Nature Collective, donating 100% of the proceeds from her lemonade and snack sales.

As a Nature Collective volunteer ambassador, Tatum learned more about Marine Protected Areas and how to support them. She’s a huge advocate for Swami’s State Marine Conservation Area, which spans over 13 square miles, including San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, and protects marine habitats and species diversity.  

Above: Map of Swami’s State Marine Conservation Area

Above: Tatum shows others how to observe tide pool critters from a distance.

At our recent fall festival, Tatum inspired attendees to take a tide pool protector pledge and participate in low-tide volunteer events to raise awareness about respectful tidepool interaction. Tatum believes in educating others about the importance of protecting the ocean and marine habitats. She’s passionate about inspiring the next generation of eco-heroes to preserve our natural world. 

Above: Tatum leading an education booth

Your donation today can help empower more champions like Tatum to make a positive impact on our planet. Thank you for your support!

Feature Image: Tatum and her brother Logan at Swami’s Reef 

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